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All Hail Bike Shorts

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

When Bike Shorts became part of the common people's wardrobe (meaning not just for the likes of Kim K.) I think alot of us wondered, will those look good on me? Well, it turns out, this is a fashion trend for everyone, because they are COMFY as ever. Finding my favorites took a little bit a searching and now they are something I wear every week, with crop tops, oversized hoodies, graphic tees... anything. All my favorites are under $25.

Linking all of the pairs that I have purchased (and kept!) below.

Click on photo to be taken to the website for purchase.

Dark Green High Waisted, Amazon

White High Waisted, Amazon

Black High Waisted Textured, Forever 21

This pair has a bit of a ribbed texture, making them better than a plain black jersey bike short.

Be comfy.



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