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My DIY 4th of July

The 4th of July is always a happy holiday for me as it signals that summer is in full swing.

When summer rolls around, I'm all about DIY projects. Tie dye, jewelry making, gardening, revamping home decor with a can of spray paint...

It just felt right that my 4th of July outfit ideas have a few of DIY components. I find it so satisfying to wear something that I had a hand in making perfect just for me.

A few of the easiest pieces of clothing to DIY are cut-off shorts and crop tops, which happen to be my summer uniform - score!

This striped top started as a dress, like this one! I knew I wanted a red, white and blue striped tee for this outfit, but I couldn't find one that was just right. But I found a t-shirt dress with the striped pattern I was looking for. To make a tee/dress into a tie front crop top, you just need a pair of scissors and some courage


Step 1: Determine the length you want the top to be when you wear it.

Step 2: Cut ONLY the back of the shirt your desired length, straight across. This is made very easy if you're using a striped top! :)

Step 3: Based on the length of the back, lightly draw (or just envision - ha!) a long V in the front. The entire front of the shirt will form a V that will eventually become your ties (see photo to right.)

Step 4: Once V is cut, take your scissors and cut evenly in half. Stop when you have reached the length of the back.

Throw it on, tie the front and you're ready to go!

My shorts were the result of a recent Laundry Fail - anyone else have these weekly? :)

I had a pair of white jeans that I LOVED but stained. I thought I could just bleach the heck out of them. Not a great idea, they turned yellowish in spots. Rather than throwing them away, I wanted to try my hand at making some cut-offs. This process doesn't really require steps or an explanation, but I'll give it a go.

Aside from determining what length you want the final product to be and cutting them evenly/straight, it's all about distressing the denim.

I used sandpaper, box cutter, razor blades, etc. My advice... don't make any severe cuts or slices, you want something that looks like it has been lived in and worn down. Make small cuts and then use your fingers to rip and fray the material. Sand paper is great for making holes that are still in tact with a few threads. It's also great for edges, pockets, and seams where denim usually wears with use.

One small tip for making the denim fit more like a short does (it's definitely different than regular jeans.) Cut a small V on the outer side seam of each leg. This will allow the jeans to be a bit looser in the leg and more flattering.

If you distress some denim, I'd love to see it!



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