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Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Hey there! So happy you're here! 🖤

Each week I'm going to share something I'm currently "fan-girling" over. A great product, a delicious food, a book, an idea. Anything in my life that I actually use/ enjoy/love and think others would too.

This is magical serum. After a few years of lash extensions, my natural lashes weren't much to talk about. I was forced to stop getting my lash extension fills (thank you, quarantine) but I also had time to focus on my skincare routine and regrowing my lashes. I used GrandeLash consistently for about 12 weeks and I was blown away. In between daily applications of GrandeLash, I also used castor oil to keep my lashes hydrated and nourished.

I wear mascara so infrequently now and truly don't feel I need it most days. I'm not oblivious to the fact that not wearing make-up helps my lash health - 100%, but my lashes wouldn't be nearly as long or full without the serum. When I look at photos of my lashes from around February/March 2020, I have almost no eyelashes. In both of these photos, I'm wearing a normal about of the same mascara (see link below), but the difference is so noticeable.

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