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Just Brows-ing Around

My eyebrows have an interesting life story to tell. (I'm fully aware that some could not care less about my eyebrows, so just keep scrolling. HAHA)

As someone with naturally light hair, my eyelashes and eyebrows are nearly translucent. When the large, sculpted eyebrow trend came around, I just assumed it wasn't for me. After all, my eyebrows were nearly invisible.

Throughout the years, I have discovered how eyebrows can completely change your face and in a lot of ways, when left alone, they look so much better.

I share this because I wish I would have done this sooner, and maybe you want to try a more natural brow look. It's possible and will probably work wonders for you! Who doesn't like to be more natural?!

In my early 20s, I did all the wrong things. I over-plucked them and left them translucent - a GREAT look - yikes. By doing this, I was creating the appearance of a wider forehead.

When I was 24-ish, I discovered that I would probably look better with darker eyebrows. I knew that eyebrow pencils were a thing, but found it much easier to use brown eye shadow..... I wish I was kidding, I'm actually LOL'ing at myself right now. But it was easy and I don't like to fuss or spend time on my make-up and I was still over-tweezing.

At 26, I finally starting using an eyebrow pencil for a more defined edge, but still plucking the heck out of them, which in itself is a lot of upkeep. I love the idea of automating something in my morning routine. Less to deal with is a win for me.

So when, at 27, I heard someone talking about eyebrow tinting, I was very intrigued. If I didn't have to spend time drawing my eyebrows on, because they were already dark, that was something I needed to do.

When I went to the salon to get my eyebrows tinted, the woman very kindly, but sternly told me: PUT.DOWN.THE.TWEEZERS. She showed me where my natural eyebrow should grow and there was a quarter-inch of eyebrow missing on each side.

Luckily for me, I started growing my eyebrows out at the same time as a worldwide pandemic. I didn't see anyone for 3 months while my eyebrows undoubtedly looked a little strange. It was only my loving fiancé that had to see the in-between stages and he often told me that my eyebrows were looking whimsical, so....

To help their growth and keep them healthy, I brushed used castor oil into them once a day. (This is so good for eyelashes too and I'll post about that eventually)

My eyebrows are more dramatic than they once were, it's true. But I also don't tweeze them, they just grow how they are meant to. I visit my local threading salon every so often for threading and tinting and I can settle in to my natural brow shape and size.

Thanks for reading this semi-strange blog post! :)



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